Re: the naked truth in anthropology

Fri, 24 Feb 1995 14:09:46 -0400

>I am currently researching into the origins of the nudist/naturist movement

The origin of organized naturism began in Germany. I can't remember the
name of the person who started it -- FKK (FreiKorperKulter). The FKK
still exists today. I have some books and some possible other sources
as well. It might take a few days but I will send and/or post the
information as soon as I can. Meanwhile, you can check with the Usenet
group rec.nude. The current issue of "N" (a publication from The Naturist
Society) has an article concerning anthropology, nakedness, and Africa.
It is a followup to an earlier "N" article concerning an anthropologist,
Ashley Montigue, who apperently was either a naturist himself or at least
naturist friendly.

>and would like to know whether anyone could suggest books or articles on
>the evolution of clothing and the use of nakedness in rituals etc. I would
>also like to know of good books on the discourse between anthropologist/
>ethnographer and the problems of nakedness/nudity, its exploitation in
>the pre-twentieth century representation of the Other. If anyone can assist
>or has any view on this subject please contact me via e-mail or contribute
>to a discussion. As I am new on the block, perhaps there might be articles
>locked somewhere in the cyber vaults called e-mail archives.
>Yours Stephen Pain.

A discussion in this subject area would be great.

Nudism/Naturism is something that I would like to research someday. My
concern is that I am too close to the subject being a naturist myself.

*Paul Fortman

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