the naked truth in anthropology

Fri, 24 Feb 1995 10:43:31 WET

I am currently researching into the origins of the nudist/naturist movement
and would like to know whether anyone could suggest books or articles on
the evolution of clothing and the use of nakedness in rituals etc. I would
also like to know of good books on the discourse between anthropologist/
ethnographer and the problems of nakedness/nudity, its exploitation in
the pre-twentieth century representation of the Other. If anyone can assist
or has any view on this subject please contact me via e-mail or contribute
to a discussion. As I am new on the block, perhaps there might be articles
locked somewhere in the cyber vaults called e-mail archives.
Yours Stephen Pain.

I was interested to see that Robert Johnson and others have used this mail
list to voice opinions about the trial of O.J. Simpson, it is a great pity
that so much depends upon that man's guilt or innocence, and that so many
should want to exploit the trial for ends that have very little to do with
the case. S.P.