Re: multimedia and anthro

Brian E. Schwimmer (schwimm@CC.UMANITOBA.CA)
Thu, 23 Feb 1995 09:30:43 -0600

You may want to contact M. Ember at the HRAF project, and
also contact people at the Center for Visual Anthropology (USC),
Michael Mascha is the director and they have a WWW site at You can also look up Documentary
Educational Resources (

I would like to note that you should think of developing your multimedia
presentation for the Web, which has numerous advantages of CD-ROM:
1. HTML (the hypertext markup coding for the Web) is a much easier
system to use than any authorware I've seen and it involves absolutely no
software costs.
2. You can include resouces and references from other Web sites within
your presentation with the use of hypertext links.
3. You have instant worldwide distribution.

On Thu, 23 Feb 1995, Elizabeth Vance wrote:

> Hello all....
> Does anyone have ANY information on multimedia use (particularly CD-ROM)
> in connection to anthropology, sociology, ethnographies, etc? I'm
> working on a project that will integrate ethographic data and CD-ROM,
> and I would like to see some examples of what has been done, and what
> works best.
> Also, I'm interested in any input you'd have on what you think would be
> a good use for the medium. What do you think would make it more useful
> than, say, a video?
> I appreciate any and all responses to this query. Thanks!
> - Elizabeth Vance

Brian Schwimmer
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