sorry ralph the floppy is home

Daniel A. Foss (U17043@UICVM.BITNET)
Tue, 21 Feb 1995 15:40:37 CST

either by you or, more likely, by Leif Hedrickson, who admits to it, though
Thomas Rimkus believes it was you, is on a floppy which I left home. Maybe
Ruby Rohrlich has a copy, it's high time we all made friends with her, anyway;
don't be fooled by her Virtual Act.

You see, this is a throwaway medium; no time for scholarship, rumour is
much faster. This is the place where, if you observe Virtual Culture long
enough, you become it. And, by the way, hear tell that some deline to allow
the usage "Virutal [anything]" this year; see Matt Groening, Life In Hell.
The truly adventurous decline to allow the usage "[anything] Culture."

Daniel A. Foss