Re: Two meanings in "American"

Jacqueline Craig (jacqueline.craig@STONEBOW.OTAGO.AC.NZ)
Tue, 21 Feb 1995 10:13:35 +1300

As a Canadian, I would honestly say that I've _never_ thought of myself as
an "American". _North_ American maybe... But I think that the reason
people get upset about the U.S. usage of American is because of the
perception the rest of the world has of the States. It's big, it's
imperialist, it's culture is overwhelming, and if your own country doesn't
watch out, it'll get swallowed up and lose it's identity. The U.S.'s
appropriation of the term American could be seen as the first step along
that path. Or is this a uniquely Canadian point of view (or paranoia)?