Re: Marcial Godoy Communications

Peter Lovell (plovell@UNB.CA)
Thu, 16 Feb 1995 22:26:28 -0400

For those of us who live outside of major metropolitan areas, where news
from places such as Mexico is laundered and rendered into 10 second bites,
or (worse) gets cut because it is not as "locally relevant" as, say, a moose
falling in love with a duck, the postings from and about Chiapas are valuable.

And I think that there are enough Spanish speakers in the U.S., and enough
Latin Americanists on this newsgroup (even way out here) to justify posting
important messages in the original Spanish.

In these days of "manufacturing consent", to steal a phrase from Chomsky,
the 'net is the only Paul Revere many of us have.

>It's becoming less "anti-entropic". The postings on this topic
>are getting pro-entropic. There's getting to be an over-zealous
>desire to emulate Paul Revere- as he supposedly yelled "The
>British are coming" in his "midnight ride". We can substitute
>"The Mexicans are coming" relative to Chiapas as the list becomes
>an alarm service. Now they've arrived, so again spread the
>alarm. Killing has begun, so again spread the alarm. Why is it
>that some people just love to repetitively spread bad news to
>others that are already aware of it? Is the event really a
>surprise? The foreboding preview was when Rush Limbaugh and Bill
>Clinton both agreed on NAFTA. The consequences have just begun.
>Someone actually wanted to get anthropologists out of Mexico.
>What about the international bankers?
>Good point about language. Maybe the person that posted the
>messages in Spanish was trying to achieve an effect rather than
>communicate the contents to a predominantly English speaking

Peter Lovell