Sun, 12 Feb 1995 17:11:24 EST5EDT

Thos. Rimkus recently agreed with Mr. Johnson about the impropriety
of Mike Lieber's Star Trek vignette.

Mr. Rimkus:
Have you been following the R. Johnson pseudo-debate? Lieber's Star
Trek thing was a response to Mr. Johnson's use of a deplorable real-
life situation which anthropologists might actually be able to affect
in some beneficial way, to make a point in an obscure, useless
argument within a small segment of what Mr. Johnson himself calls a
marginal discipline. I'm sure anthropologists that can speak to the
Chiapas events as anthropologists are doing so. Mr. Johnson would
have been more effective sending a few aerogrammes to appropriate
govt. officials than berating anthropologists. If anthropologists
abandoned Mexico altogether, as Mr. Johnson claims, we'd be accused
of tacitly siding with the Mexican govt. anyway on the grounds that
we were trying to be neutral in a world where you can't be. It seems
like the only thing that would make Mr. Johnson happy would be if all
the anthropologists joined the Zapatista army. Then a lot of us
would be killed, too, which would be a happy side effect.

Rebecca Lynn Johnson
Dept. of Anthropology
University of South Carolina