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San Cristobal de Las Casas, Chiapas
February 11, 1995

The Autonomous Regions are aware of the lack of an efficient
system of communication due to the propaganda and manipulation of
the popular media thus we hope this letter will provide some
insight into the actual situation we are living in the state of
We currently find ourselves in a state of emergency in
Chiapas as well as in the rest of the country. The declaration
made by Ernesto Zedillo on the 9th of February came as a surprise
to all of us. This declaration is an obvious break to the peace
negotiations and a definite move towards a state of war in
Chiapas. All of the Indigenous Independent Organizations that
make up the Autonomous Regions, along with the Transitional
Government and the Asamblea Estatal del Pueblo Chiapaneco are
concerned about the current political repression we are
The Federal Army is currently advancing into the zone of the
Zapatista National Liberation Army in the Lacandon Jungle, as the
Zapatistas simultaneously retreat into the mountains. We know
that a large confrontation between the two armies is unavoidable,
due to the small confrontations we have already felt in two areas
of Las Margaritas and Altamirano. The army is continually
patrolling all areas within the state. At any moment the
situation can escalate in the Altos area where the members of the
EZLN are standing by. Today we were informed of the new
declaration of the President of Mexico which contains the names
of over 2,000 organizers within the current movement towards
democracy, justice and dignity in the state of Chiapas. We are
sure all of us are on that list and can expect to be arrested
soon. It is very possible that within these next couple of days
the Federal Army is going to enter the installations formally
called INI (Instituto Nacional Indigenista) which we have
occupied since December 8, 1994, now the property of the
Autonomous Regions and the location of the Transitional
Yesterday we held a session of the Asamblea Estatal del
Pueblo Chiapaneco, where it was decided that on February 20th we
will hold a caravan march fo rthe peace and dignity of the people
of Chiapas to the Capital of the Federation, Mexico City. The
march will take approximately one month. Until then it was also
agreed that each organization andregion would decide on smaller
mobilizations within their area.
We see this as a difficult blow to the move towards a
political solution to the problems in Chiapas, but none the
less,we continue to impulse the peaceful alternative which the
Autonomous Regions have proposed. Within our regions, we are
carrying out the agreements made by the Assembly by organizing
each area for the march to Mexico City, as well as holding
smaller mobilizations.
Under these conditions we are calling out to the rest of the
world to turn their eyes towards Chiapas. We are in need of
distribution of information to national and international
spheres, International Observors, letters to the Mexican
Government, Financial Assistance, International Organizing and
Protests particularly in front of Mexican embassies and
consulates and Caravans. We are also asking for support in the
legal recognition of the Autonomous Regions. Our intention is to
strengthen the solidarity between all oppressed people, in the
midst of a crucial moment in the struggle for the liberation of
the Indigenous people of Chiapas.
The declaration for the Autonomy of Indigenous Regions was
made on October 12, 1994, marking the first step towards the
recuperation of our lands and territory which 502 years agos were
stolen from us. Now there is no turning back for any of us who
continue the long line of struggle for the liberation of our

Sincerely from the Autonomous Indigenous Regions of the South-
Eastern Mountains of Mexico,

Comision Politica del Consejo Ejecutivo de las Regiones Autonomas

Margarito Xib Ruiz Hernandez Juan Vazquez Lopez

P.S. The addresses to send letters to the Mexican Government:

Pre. Ernesto Zedillo Ponce de Leon, Palacio Nacional, Mexico,

Sr. Bernando Moctezuma, Secretario de Gobierno, Bucareli #62,
Centro, Mexico D.F.

Sr. Jorge Madrazo Cuellar, Presidente de la Comision Nacional de
Derechos Humanos, Poriferico Sur, San Jeronimo, Mexico D.F.

We can be reached at (967) 8-06-03, fax same
Financial Assistance can be sent to:
Plaza 437
Sucursal 100
Numero de cuenta 921817-6
San Cristobal de las Casas, Chiapas
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