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Lo que sigue es en ingles y espanol, menos el articulo sobre Chase
Bank. Si quiere ese articulo en espa$ol, porfavor advisarnos.
Estamos trabajando en traducirlo y para manana vamos a tenerlo
lista. Para evitar gastos grandes vamos a mandar la traduccion a
la gente que lo pide. Tambien lo incluimos en la proximo correo
masivo que hacemos por correo electronico, pero no sabemos cuando
esta va ser. Gracias. Cindy, voluntaria, NCDM

What follows is in both English and Spanish, except for the
article on Chase Bank. If you want that article in Spanish,
please let us know. We are working on translating it, and will
have it available tomorrow. We will also include it in our next
mass mailing by email, but we are not sure when that will be.
Thank you. Cindy, volunteer, NCDM


The current conditions in Mexico has been dictated in large part
by US economic and political interests, who without much subtlety,
conditioned the $40 billion loan on the Mexican government's
eliminating the EZLN and taking more aggressive and belligerent
action against the movement for democracy in Mexico. (Please see
article which follows this alert).

For this reason it is critical that we, as residents of the United
States and supporters of the democratic forces in Mexico, demand
that our government be accountable for their part in the growing
violence and repression in Mexico. It can not be allowed that the
blood of the courageous Mexican fighters for democracy be the
price paid for dirty and greedy politics.

It is urgent that you contact your Congressional representatives
and express your indignation about the recent events in Mexico and
the US role in them. They must be held responsible for the
consequences of US actions with regard to Mexico, and they must
reverse the decision regarding the loan. Specifically we are
asking that all US aid to Mexico cease and that an investigation
into the US role in Mexico's recent events and US support to the
Mexico military be conducted. We also need for Congress to
pressure the president and the State Department to cease their
support of the corrupt and anti-democratic PRI government.

Please let us know what actions you take on this alert, as well as
any other effort in protest and resistance to the war. The
Commission also is recommending that local communities organize
delegations to go to Chiapas as soon as possible with as many
people as possible. International observors are critical to
helping stop the violence and repression.

Your participation is critical.

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letter to Congress

National Commission for Democracy in Mexico Phone/fax: (915)
532-8382 Email:

War has begun in Mexico, and it is a war prompted by US economic
and political interests. As the article which follows this letter
demonstrates, the US $40 billion loan was premised on the Mexican
government's eliminating the EZLN and taking more aggressive and
belligerent action against the movement for democracy in Mexico.

As a member of Congress we urge you to demand a halt to all US aid
to Mexico and a full investigation into US support to Mexico's
military and its role in the current crisis. As a member of our
government, we hold you accountable for the US' role in the
growing violence and repression in Mexico. It can not be allowed
that the blood of the courageous Mexican people, fighters for
democracy, justice and freedom, be the price paid for dirty and
greedy politics.

Action must be taken immediately as lives are being lost (see
attached report from Rebel Governor Avendano). Please inform us
of your plans.


National Commission for Democracy in Mexico, USA

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Ken Silverstein and Alexander Cockburn, "Major U.S. Bank Urges
Zapatista Wipe-Out: 'A litmus test for Mexico's stability'"
COUNTERPUNCH, Vol. 2, No. 3, February 1, 1995.

In the name of investor confidence, a powerful U.S. bank is
calling on the Mexican government to crush the Zapatista
insurgency in Chiapas. Heading up the larger Wall Street war party
is Chase Bank, specifically its Emerging Markets Group, which has
billions at risk in Mexico. Chase's Jan. 13 "Political Update on
Mexico," passed to COUNTERPUNCH by a banking insider, states
bluntly: "The government will have to eliminate the Zapatistas to
demonstrate their effective control of the national territory and
security policy."

Chase is under no illusions that the December crash of the peso
was prompted by the Zapatistas. It is fully aware that the
implosion of the Mexican economy was caused by the overvaluation
of the peso that enabled U.S. investors such as itself to convert
their killings on Mexican bonds into the safety of the dollar.

U.S. financiers and political stragtegists now fear that a Mexican
government led by the novice Ernesto Zedillo --rather than by
Washington's trusted agent, ex. President Carlos Salinas-- will
waver, temporize with the Zapatistas and seek to placate domestic

But any appeasement of popular fury will come at the expense of
foreign investors, whose security in Mexico was the fundamental
purpose of the NAFTA agreement. Hence the need to finish off
Subcommandante Marcos and his comrades. As the Chase Update put
it, "While Chiapas, in our opinion, does not pose a fundamental
threat to Mexican political stability, it is perceived to be so by
many in the investment community."

Chase plays down the possibility of a negotiated settlement to the
conflict in Chiapas, saying 'it is difficult to imagine that the
current environment will yield a peaceful solution." Zedillo may
not be able to gain the confidence of the Zapatistas and their
supporters because "the monetary crisis limits the resources
available to the government for social and economic reforms." In
other words, foreign investors should have first rights to the
dwindling reserves at the Mexican treasury, which will leave
almost nothing left to implement anti-poverty programs Zedillo has
promised for Chiapas.

The author of the Emerging Market Group's memo is Riordan Roett,
director of Latin American Studies at the Johbns Hopkins School of
Advanced International Studies and now on a leave-of-absence while
serving as a Chase advisor. Known as a conservative but rational
sort in academic circles, Roett's views have hardened since he
went to work full-time for Wall Street, in the grand homicidal
tradition of such academic policymakers as Louis Adolphe Thiers,
Walt Rostow, Henry Kissinger and Hemran Cohen.

Roett is said to be particularly bitter over events south of the
border because, an informant tells us, he had assured Chase
executives that Zedillo --whom Roett has known and worked with for
a decade-- could be counted on to do the bidding of foreign
investors. Comforted, Chase increased its Mexican investments,
only to take a beating when a huge trade deficit forced Zedillo to
devalue the peso.

Roett also calls on the Mexican government to take a hard-nosed
approach to other difficulties it is facing. The PRI, Mexico's
ruling party, has grim prospects for elections scheduled in five
states this year. Roett proposes that the PRI solve this problem
by stealing the vote. "The Zedillo administration willneed to
consider carefully whether or not to allow opposition victories if
fairly won at the ballot box," he writes. "To deny legitimate
electoral victories by the opposition will be a serious setback in
the President's electoral strategy. But failure to retain PRI
control runs the risk of spliting the government party."

Roett has been lobbying fiercely in Washington to promote his
scorched earth policy for Mexico and to demand that Congress
quickly approve Clinton's $40 billion bail-out of Chase and other
big investors --a problem solved when the president, faced with
sure defeat in Congress, used emergency powers to authorize a new
rescue package. Roett has briefed Bob Dole, testified before the
Senate Steering Committee, which musters conservatives such as
Trent Lott and Malcolm Wallop; advised State Department officials;
and addressed hundreds of political and financial leaders at a
Jan. 11 seminar organized by the Center for Strategic and
International Studies.

Roett bordered on hyusteria at the latter affair. Saying that
clients were always asking him why the Mexican government couldn't
control the Zapatistas, Roett argued that it was "essential, from
the investor point-of-view, to resolve the Chiapas issue as
quickly as possible." He conceded that his call for war, if
heeded by Zedillo, might provoke negative repercussions
internationally, but there wre "always political costs in bold

Roett's remarks were warmly received by his audience. Elliott
Abrams furiously scribbled notes during his presentation while
nodding his head in approval. Syndicated columnist Georgie Anne
Geyer wrote an article a few days later saying that no one at the
seminar "explained [Mexico's situation] better" than Roett, adding
that scholars and financiers in attendance "seemed to agree that
while . . . [the Zapatistas] do not threaten a wider rebellion in
Mexico, they have become a litmus test for Mexico's stability."

Dalal Baer, a Senior Fellow at the CSIS and moderator of the
seminar, thanked Roett for his comments and lamented the dilemma
faced by Mexico, pressured to open up its political system even
though "financial markets might not respond positively to
increased democracy because it leads to increased uncertainty."
Like Roett and many other "academics", Baer is a creature of Wall
Street, serving as an advisor to Bear Sterns & Company.

David Malpass, a director at Bear Stearns, said that in exchange
for a U.S. organized bailout, Zedillo should appease foreign
investors with a "giant reestablishment of confidence." Malpass
and others suggested new privatizations, allowing 100% foreign
ownership of the banking system, and opening up Mexico's oil
industry. Though not discussed at the seminar, some House
Republicans, acting at the behest of Jorge Mas Canosa, head of
Miami's Cuban American National Foundation, are also demanding
that Mexico cut off commercial credits to Cuba.

For now, Zedillo and a PRI majority will likely reject Roett's
final solution for Chiapas. An official from the Interior Ministry
at the seminar said the Chase man's call for war was

But prominent forces in Mexico will be heartened by Roett's
analysis. Last Dec. 18 a group of Mexican businessmen reportedly
met with Zedillo to demand tha tthe new government go on the
offensive in Chiapas. Some high-ranking military officials have
long been lobbying for war and, according to reprots from Santiago
and Buenos Aires, military advisors from Chile and Argentina --two
of the most brutal of Latin America's armies, responsible for tens
of thousands of deaths during the seventies 'dirty wars' --have
been sent to train Mexican troops.

The parallel here is with the dispatch of Argentine officers to
train the Nicaraguan Contras at the start of the Eighties.

* * *

San Cristobal de las Casas, 10 of February,

To the American People Brothers, Sisters:

The arrogant power that reigns in Mexico, from the Government
Palace, has called war amongst ourselves, the people of Mexico.
Federal troops have entered zapatista territory. Persons from this
country have already fallen. The war has begun once more.

Men of money and power are no longer tolerant of the YA BASTA of
the Ejercito Zapatista de Liberacion Nacional(the Zapatista
National Liberation Army, of the indigenous and campesinos
(peasants), of those without voice and without faces.

They are trampling all civil and peaceful action of the people of
Chiapas and Mexico to construct a Peace with Justice and Dignity.

The mass media throw lies at the Mexican population. They try to
muddy all the is good and all that is beautiful. Dozens of
military vehicles are in the jungle and other points of Chiapas
now, blinded helicopters, troops; fearful informers signal out
persons in the civil population for public denouncement; police
have arrested and detained many in different parts of the nation.

The ones responsible for the bankruptcy of the nation, those who
support the guardias blancas (private armies of the landowners and
ranchers), those who have money to pay for hired guns, those who
support the one-party government the PRI, calculate they can
liquidate 500 years of indigenous and popular resistance.

Is it too much to ask for Justice, Democracy and Liberty? Do we
commit a crime for fighting for a roof, land, health, education,
employment, culture, the right to information, independence and

Today lead falls in our hearts. From this sorrow that overflows
every hour, we receive your news and we do not feel alone. We
know we have with us the best men and women of the American
people, who will know how to be with us and will know how to be
brave to impede fratricide in our nation. There is urgent need
for international observers that testify to the events we
denounce. That you promote more united and massive movilizations
to stop this horror of war.

May we awaken the peoples of the world to Life, for Peace with
Justice and Dignity.

Amado Avendano Fiqueroa Gobernor For the Council of Government
Aide Rojas Gabriel Ramirez
------------------------------------------------------- Para:
Todos los Comites de la CNDM

De: Comision de Organizacion

Asunto: Envio de Cartas a Congresistas

Queridos Companeros:

Los ultimos acontecimientos acaecidos en Mexico parecen
acercarnos, inminentemente, a la situacion caotica que por catorce
meses la sociedad mexicana trato de detener. Una vez mas el
gobierno mexicano da muestra de su determinacion a mantener su
hegemonia como partido de Estado y de violencia.

En esta ocacion, la situacion obedece en gran parte a las acciones
de sectores reaccionarios del gobierno estadounidense, quienes de
maneras no muy sutiles sujetaron la disponibilidad del "prestamo"
a acciones mas agresivas y beligerantes por parte del gobierno de
Zedillo contra el movimiento democratico en Mexico. La represion
en cadena sera el siguiente paso.

Por esta razon es indispensable que las fuerzas de apoyo a la
democracia en Mexico, existentes en cualquier parte del mundo,
recuerden al gobierno estadounidense su parte de responsabilidad
en este critico asunto. No es posible, companeros, que la sangre
de nuestros hermanos sea el precio a pagar por una politica sucia
y ambiciosa.

Es necesario y urgente que cada uno de nuestros comites se de a la
tarea de contactar a sus respectivos congresistas, les manifiesten
su indignacion ante los hechos, se les haga responsables de las
consecuencias que sus acciones implican en Mexico, y se les exija
reconsideren su posicion. Asi mismo debe presionarse al
Departamento de Estado para que se elimine toda posibilidad de
participacion directa en apoyo a las acciones represivas del PRI
gobierno. Hay que recordarles que fueron elegidos por el pueblo,
y el pueblo no permitira mas decisiones a sus espaldas.

Por un Mexico Justo, Libre y Democratico
-------------------------------------------------- Gobierno de
Transici"n en Rebeldia del Estado de Chiapas Consejo de Gobierno

San Crist"bal de las Casas, 10 de febrero de 1995

Al Pueblo Norteamericano

Hermanos, hermanos:

El soberbio poder que reina en Mxico desde el Palacio de Gobierno
llama a la guerra entre nosotros los mexicanos. Tropas del
ejrcito federal han ingresado al territorio zapatista. Ya han
caido los primero hombres de esta patria. La guerra se ha

Los hombres del dinero y del poder no han podido soportar el Ya
Basta! del Ejrcito Zapatista de Liberaci"n Nacional, de los
Ind!genas y campesinos, de los sin voz y sin rostro.

Pisotean toda la acci"n civil y pac!fica del pueblo chiapaneco y
mexicano construida para una paz con Justicia y Dignidad.

Los medios de comunicaci"n masivamente vuelcan mentiras a la
poblaci"n mexicana. Tratan de enlodar todo lo bueno y todo lo
bello. Decenas de veh!culos militares est n en la selva y en otros
puntos de Chiapas ahora, helic"pteros artillados, tropas; cobardes
delatores se$alan personas de la poblaci"n civil para
posteriormente ser denunciados p#blicamente; la pol!cia realiza
detenciones en distintos puntos de la naci"n.

Los responsables de la bancarrota del pa!s, quienes sostienen al
ejrcito de guardias blancas en Chiapas, los que tienen dinero para
pagar matones a sueldo, los que apoyan al partido de Estado, el
PRI, calculan liquidar con sangre 500 a$os de resistencia india y

Es demasiado pedir Justicia, Democracia y Libertad? Cometemos
crimen por luchar por techo, tierra, salud, educaci"n, trabajo,
cultura, derecho a la informaci"n, independencia y paz?

Hoy llueve plomo sobre nuestros corazones. Desde esta pena que
nos inunda cada hora, recibimos sus noticias y no nos sentimos
solos. Sabemos que contamos con los mejores hombres y mujeres del
pueblo norteamericano, que sabr n estar con nosotros y sabr n ser
valientes para impedir el fraticidio en nuetra patria. Urge
asistan observadores internacionales que atestiguen los hechos que
denunciamos. Que ustedes promuevan m s mobilizaciones unitarias y
masivas para detener los horrores de esta guerra.

Hagamos que los pueblos del mundo despierten y reaccionen por la
Vida, por la Paz con Justicia y Dignidad.

Amado Avenda$o Figueroa Gobernador Por el Consejo de Gobierno.
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