Saline Valley (CA) Indian Ranch

Jon Harman [Tau] (jonh@IMATRON.COM)
Tue, 7 Feb 1995 13:19:09 PST

For a friend who is doing a history of the Saline Valley
Indian Ranch I'd like to ask the members of this list if
they may have any pertinent information.

The Saline Valley (CA -- a desert valley near Death Valley)
Indians maintained a very successful ranch
from the late 1800's up to about 1950 when a tragedy occured
that led to the abandonment of the property.

The tragedy involved the murder of a 22 year old caretaker for a
mining company by 13 and 15 year old members of the ranch. The
mining company had diverted the water flow that the ranch depended

Jon Harman, Imatron Inc.