Re: Reposting Private Messages

mike salovesh (T20MXS1@MVS.CSO.NIU.EDU)
Sun, 5 Feb 1995 14:15:00 CST

I have the technical capacity, in this computer, to make copies of
almost any program I purchase. I also have the capacity to forward a
copy of any program I have over the Internet. You have the same

But if I send you a copy of ProComm Plus, the program I am using at
this moment, I have violated their copyright. When the makers of
ProComm Plus put it on the market, they knew perfectly well that any
purchaser would have the capacity to give it to pirates. That in no
way implies they gave me their permission to do so!

Under current copyright law, I own what I write. If I choose to send
it to, e.g., anthro-l, that's my choice. But if YOU choose to send
what I write to some other list without my permission, that's your
violation of my rights.

Sorry, folks, this isn't merely a matter of netiquette. It really is
the law of copyright.

In the case of this particular message, I hereby grant permission for
its reproduction anywhere for non-commercial purposes, subject to the
condition that the message be duplicated in its entirety, including
the signature line below. I added this statement as an illustration
of the kind of permission you should have before you repost!

-- mike salovesh <>