Books on fieldwork

Thu, 2 Feb 1995 10:34:00 PST

A short while back R. Quinlan posted a list of books that people on Anthro-L
had suggested to him in response to a query about books relating to field
work. Here is another, superb, book that can be added to the list:

El Guindi, F. The Myth of Ritual: A Native's Ethnograpphy of Zapotec
Life-Crisis Rituals.

from the forward by Henry Selby:

"... not all texts [notes, diaries, recordings etc.] should be published.
But which ones should be? .... But what about casual conversations... What
about discourses concerning the everyday, important things in life... These
are discourses that allow the local people to speak about themselves in their
own language....this book certainly provides one example of what should be
saved. .... The result of their [anthropologist Fadwa El Guindi, informant
Abel Hernandez] work is this book on Zapotec ritual. Their cooperation
stands as a fine example of how to train ordinary people to become expositors
of their own cultural traditions so that they can be understood by
outsiders....Here we have an exemplary text and an essay on fieldwork that
includes the raw results for all to see and appreciate."

D. Read