Educational Anthropology

Steve.Swidler (21600SS@MSU.BITNET)
Fri, 25 Feb 1994 13:18:00 EST

I think the guns 'n school phenomena needs a cultural explanation, not a
psychological one. I think one is certain, those kids with guns are not
suffering from self-esteem problems. You don't come to school packing if you
feel bad about yourself. Whoever invented self-esteem as an important topic
should encounter some lead from one of those guns some kid brought to school.
Kids' culture is extremely strong and a powerful influence. The "delinquent"
kids I worked with hardly ever suffered from self-esteem problems. They had
too much esteem (self and otherwise) and found it sensible to work at being
"bad", and were successful at it. Anyone want to contribute to a cultural
explanation of guns/kids/school?