Re: Fore/kuru

Jessica Maloney (23jess@UCLINK.BERKELEY.EDU)
Mon, 21 Feb 1994 16:05:11 -0800

>>> Can anyone tell me where to find out what happened to the Fore after
>>>the 'cause' of kuru was identified?
>I too am curious...Prions, (infectious protiens?!?) the causal agents of
>kuru, have now become an acceptable feild of study. For a long time
>Kushner was way out on a limb claiming that a protien could cause a disease
>on it's own. I have a reference in CELL from a couple of weeks ago that
>really seems to nail prions to the wall. over expressing the NATURAL form
>of mouse PrP (prion protien) causes neural degenration. I have no clue
>where one would look for info on the Fore...