Performing Arts in Asia

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I am considering starting with E.J. Brill Publishing Co. (Leiden, The

An International Journal

In order to obtain a more precise idea of the viability of the journal I
invite you to send your comments on the plan.

Here are a number of specific questions, followed by a description of the

Questions for individual scholars:

1. Would you publish in the journal if it were available?
2. If so, how often would you submit an article?
3. Would you have copy available right now?
4. If so, how many articles?
5. If not, how soon would you submit one?
6. Would you recommend your library to take a subscription?
7. Do you have reason to believe they would take one?
8. Have you any further thoughts about the plan that might
improve its chances of successful realization? Please

Questions for libraries:

1. Would you subscribe to the journal?
2. If so, how many subscriptions would you take?
3. Have you any thoughts about the plan that might improve
its chances of successful realization? Please specify.


Following an increasing recognition of the coherence and unity of the
performing arts in Asia, this journal is intended as a single forum for
research on dance, music, theatre, oral performance (narrative, oral
poetry, the recitation of written or memorized texts) and the artistic
facets of ritual in the whole of Asia, the Middle East and North Africa.

The scholarly disciplines admitted in the journal are anthropology, musicology
and ethnomusicology, history and philology.

Besides studies of aspects of individual performance genres in particular
areas and periods, the journal publishes essays on general theories of
performance, on relations between performance and culture (including
mythology, religion and politics), on relations between different performance
genres and on relations between performing arts and such other expressive
genres as literature and visual arts. Also, it accepts both historical and
typological comparisons of genres of different areas.

Articles are accessible not exclusively to specialists in one particular
region or discipline but to a general audience of scholars interested in the
performing arts: any scholarly controversies or debates by which an essay is
prompted are made explicit, uncommon terminology is defined, quotations from
and terms in Asian languages are translated or glossed, quotations in scripts
other than the Roman are avoided or, if indispensable, are accompanied by a
Roman transliteration. All musical transcriptions not in Western staff
notation and all choreographic notations are explained or suitably referenced.


The journal includes articles and a review section. The review section covers
as completely as possible pertinent recent releases---both books, articles and
sound and/or video recordings---so as to the section the character of a true
research tool. The inclusion of reports of current research and other news
from the field is under consideration. Illustration of the contributions is

Languages accepted:

The primary language of the journal is English, but contributions in German
or French are also accepted. At least three quarters of the text of any issue
are in English.

Technical features:

The journal is published in a royal-octavo size (24 x 16 cm). Illustrations
include musical notations, choreographic schemes, other drawings, facsimiles,

Editorial board:

- Ben Arps (Leiden): South-East Asia and Executive (accepted)
- Richard Emmert (Tokyo): Japan (accepted)
- Mireille Helffer (Paris): Tibet (accepted)
- Philip Lutgendorf (Iowa City): South Asia (invited)
- Rembrandt Wolpert (Amsterdam): continental East Asia
- Owen Wright (London): Middle East and Muslim Central Asia
- Review editor (books): to be selected and invited
- Review editor (articles): ditto
- Honorary secretary: ditto

Frequency and size:

Per year three issues are published. The issues are 112 pages each.


The subscription price is 190 Dutch guilders / ca. US$ 100 per annum.

Time schedule:

Volume 1 to appear in 1997.

Your comments and thoughts on the questions listed at the beginning of this
message will help us to put the journal on the most solid footing possible.
I shall be very grateful for your help.

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