Africa research network

kokebo (kokebo@HACKTIC.NL)
Tue, 15 Feb 1994 12:21:09 +0100

Hello, I'm planning an e-mail list of people who are currently working on
development-project research in Africa. The list is meant for people
(anthro's, socio's, econo's and the like) with development-project related
fieldwork experience in Sub-Sahara Africa. All replies from now untill
March 1, will be compiled and remailed to ANTHRO-L under the subject
heading: "Africa Network List". You can download the list from ANTHRO-L by
March 7. (Please remind that your reaction will be made public at
ANTHRO.) Please include the following:
1. Name:
2. First name:
3. E-mail adress:
4. Discipline:
5. Institute:
Fieldwork Experience
6. What Country and what region?:
7. What period?:
8. Short description of the project:
9. Research subject:
10. Note on fieldwork:
11. Publication / report (?): Please mail your reply to
"" and NOT to ANTHRO-L. The latter would possibly lead to
ANTHRO-L indigestion! Use as subject heading: "re: Africa research
network". If not, I don't recognise you as replying to this call, and you
won't be included in the list. Look at ANTHRO-L for "Africa Network List"
in about three weeks time! Willem de Wit, (