just occasionally ej ford gets on my nerves

Mon, 14 Feb 1994 10:59:52 EST

EJ Ford,

Please do not mention my name, which if mentioned is to be used in the
full formal style, Daniel A. Foss, unless you have obtained the requisite
exemption from Daniel C. Foss, Dept of Sociology, Montclair State College,
Montclair NJ, ever. I am not your pet psychotic. Whence ever derived that
bizarre image in your head to the effect that I am your gerbil-like housebroken
psycho, disabuse yourself of it. I get enough contempt from people I don't even
know. So if you value my friendship, shut your mouth; I know perfectly well
what sort of Implications you imply by your silence.

Way I feel about Indignity at present, I'm fully prepared to demand Respect
and Thingies I deserve even much less than that, so watch it.

Daniel A. Foss
<fiat iustitia pereat omnes>