Re: Ethnomethodology

Gregory A. Finnegan (Gregory.A.Finnegan@DARTMOUTH.EDU)
Fri, 11 Feb 1994 17:52:22 EST

It's been (quite) a while since I've taught theory, but my sense of
Ethnomethodology, esp. as promulgated by Harold Garfinkel, UCLA sociologist,
is that it emerged from roughly the same concerns that led to "ethnoscience"
in anthro. around the same time (mid-sixties): the concern w/ extracting
meaning from informants w/ minimal bias by the researcher. Garfinkel was,
BTW, a member of Carlos Castaneda's dissertation committee, and, if I recall
rightly, is implicitly the person credited with "whiteballing" the diss.
thru, in
De Mille, Richard, 1922-
Title: Castaneda's journey : the power and the allegory / by Richard de
Imprint: Santa Barbara, CA. : Capra Press, 1976. (Whiteballing is De
Mille's opposite to blackballing, when one person pushes something thru,
rather than one person blocking it. Anyway, I've attached a number of cites
to works using the work "ethnomethodology."
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