Barkow's comments on specialization

Fri, 11 Feb 1994 16:00:52 EST

Oooops, my message was placed in `tounge in cheek' mode . . . but, after
recovering from the flu and reading Barkow's message . . . so much for
the concept of `University' or the concept of `collegiality.' In
genetics, overspecialization and in breeding leads to hightening the
traits involved. Much the same can be said for specialization in
academics . . . and we wonder why modern students are becoming less and
less wise, even if highly educated. There is a place for broad ranging
generalism . . . (even if one can't master the details of every speciali-
zation) and a place for specialization . . . but we may have thrown out
the baby with the bathwater.

John O'Brien