Fri, 11 Feb 1994 00:22:12 EST

I have three areas of interest that will pertain to a future dissertation. At
this point, I am casting a wide net for any and all information in any of the
three areas. They are as follows: cross-cultural rural aging issues, a not-
too-complex treatise on the policies and future of agriculture in the EC, just
about anything to do with ethnography regarding aging issues in France. I have
most of the general stuff that the AAGE (Association for Anthropology and Ger-
ontology) publishes about cross-cultural aging but, as I said, I am really
trying to dig as deeply as I can for outside sources. I always say it pays to
either help fellow grad students or to ask for help so I am always willing to
return the favor! Also if you know someone, professor or otherwise who is
working in any of these areas. Thanks in advance. JMc.