ET-003: Traditional Fishing on a Polynesian Atoll

Mon, 7 Feb 1994 15:42:00 -0100

ECOTECH'94 would like to announce the presentation and discussion of
the paper entitled:

Traditional Fishing on a Polynesian Atoll
by Dr. Michael D. Lieber (Univ of Chicago).

Michael Lieber is a cultural anthropologist and author of a book
called "More than a Living: Fishing and the Social Order on a
Polynesian Atoll". The book makes significant contributions to
important subject areas such as, how members of a long-isolated
culture perceive and manage their environment, social organization of
indigenous knowledge and how it has changed over time, and the
relationships between social, political and cultural change through
the atoll community's history.

Dr Lieber's paper describes a few of the 85 traditional catch
methods used by Kapinga fishermen and why fishing activity have
changed radically. He will tell us more - "What makes technological
change so devastating is not its efficiency, but the organization
of its deployment"

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Mr. Eng-Leong Foo (ECOTECH'94 Network Manager), UNESCO Microbial
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