WP Anderson (andersop@SAIL.CUUG.AB.CA)
Wed, 2 Feb 1994 12:26:06 MST

Dear fellow subscribers,

Thanks for the ongoing help, for the references (most
of which I've been able to locate at our University's
fine library), and for the ideas, harder to come by.

The chase has so far led from

a) vomiting in creation myth
b) clay in creation myth

(for both of which I now have plenty of
material to 'digest', thanks to you)
to, now

c) swallowing, as a creative force, in myth.

*particularly* but not exclusively the
swallowing of clay.

d) pica/geophagy - specifically:

To anyone's knowledge, have studies been done
relating in *any* way, the widespread
practice of EARTH-EATING, especially among
women and particularly pregnant women, and
the equally widespread occurrence of creation
MYTHS INVOLVING CLAY and perhaps even the
swallowing of clay?

As always, references, theories and speculation -
either wild or considered - warmly welcomed.


WP Anderson

andersop@sail.cuug.ab.ca (WP Anderson)
writer / student / teacher (on a good day): Calgary, Canada.