Society for the Anthropology of Consciousness Conference (SAC)

I R Edgar (I.R.Edgar@DURHAM.AC.UK)
Wed, 13 Dec 1995 14:11:40 +0000

Hello I have been trying for some weeks to invite interested list members
to submit paper proposals but have had home address problems that I hope
Hugh Jarvis has now sorted out for me. The above title refers to the
annual conference to be held in Los Angeles from March 27 to 30th 1996.
SAC is a sestion of the AAA, and provides a forum for 'the exploration of
consciousness from cross-cultural, experiential and theoretical
perspectives'. The session I am organising aims to consider the
potentially valuable role of the ethnographers and informants dreams in
the research process based on case-studies. The potential role of dream
imagery as a source of inspiration, suggestion, hypothesis formation and
problem solving will be considered. There are spaces for one or two more
paper presenters but we would need to sort things out by the end of
December. Conference organiser is Geri-ANN Galanti:
and site organiser is Dana Baldwin: If you are
interested N.B. I am away 15.12. - 22.12.95.

Dr. Iain Edgar
Department of Anthropology,
Durham University.
43, Old Elvet
FAX: 0191 374 2870