Re: Celibacy: Everyday Presentations

Douglass Drozdow-St.Christian (stchri@MCMAIL.CIS.MCMASTER.CA)
Wed, 13 Dec 1995 08:15:38 -0500

two breif remarks...

i don't think voluntary refusal of sexual intimacy is quite as vague as
bob suggests, and that is likely a measurable phenomenon, tough less so
than marital status but he is, of course, right....spouselessness and
sexlessness are different animals, my point being that his typology
elided this point by assuming celibacy is a unitary phenomenon in itself
[ and both our types lists demonstrate it is not]

the other relates to the problem of the "vrofi" being too intimate to be
reliably observed...i suppose my response would have to be that we treat
assertions of 'vrofi' in the same way we treat assertions of beliefs ion
general...neither is empirically verifiable since both are too intimate
to be observable in a reliable i'll take the assertion at its
face value...i am not sure bob is suggesting that the only thin we can
study is that which has a high inter-observer coherence value....since
that would certainly be awfully limiting....

and apropos of j bosley's note about websters defintion of celibacy..pain
in the ass that i am i got on the on the phone and asked 6 of my
cathcolic friends what celibacy meant to them in relation to their
priests and all six said something along the lines of ' vowing not to
have sex'....

operationalize your terms, my old stats prof would scream...which is what
bob and i are doing, from two different realms of action and activity [ a
key distinction hre being that bob's typology refers to states, while
mine refers to activities]


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