Re: Penan, and other Malaysian Groups

Parm Grewal (pgrewal@GOPHER.CHEM.WAYNE.EDU)
Thu, 7 Dec 1995 01:00:42 -0500

On Wed, 6 Dec 1995, Karen Szala-Meneok wrote:

> Dear Bret, May I suggest you try an internet query with DEVEL-L list
> regarding your interest with the current status of the Penan.
> Try LISTSERV@AMERICAN.EDU and send a "INFO REFCARD" commend to this
> address.
> Best wishes,
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Bret and Others

You may have already checked this source but just in case, I sugest the
Human Relations Area Files(HRAF), microfiche may be better and more
complete, the CD's are still being compiled.

I hope it helps, keep us posted on your results


Parm Grewal
Dept. of Anthropology
Wayne State University
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