Re: race in commercials

Parm Grewal (pgrewal@GOPHER.CHEM.WAYNE.EDU)
Thu, 7 Dec 1995 00:29:22 -0500

On Tue, 6 Dec 1994, vivian avenstrup wrote:

> Some comments on race have beenmade lately, and got me pondering...
> Seiko have a commercial running on Danish TV3 at the moment. The message is
> smth. like "it takes different people/ nations to make the ultimate product
> Any opinions out there?
> Does there exist material on the topic, eg. within anthro. or communication
> studies?
> - V. Avenstrup
> Vivian Avenstrup
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I have also been having thoughts about this, it seems commendable(sp?) on
one level to have a multicultural representation in the media, however I
am not sure of the multiculturalism behind the doors. That is to say,
those in charge of the decisions rarely seem to be of a variety of
nations, there seems to be an agenda to exploit the various levels for
profit which is not distributed across the board.



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