Re: 911 Call

Heather M. Bradford (hbradfo@COMP.UARK.EDU)
Mon, 4 Dec 1995 18:31:12 -0600

My sister is a 911 dispatcher and this summer she had to go to a training
session where they had to listen to all these calls. The deer story was
one of them and the call actually went something like this:

" I in a phone booth off the side of the interstate. I just hit a deer
with my car thinking he was dead I put him in the back of my car. Well,
I get a little ways down the road and the m****r f***ing deer bits me on
the neck! So I start trying to knock it out again and I driving all of
the road when I see this phone so I pull over. Well, while I'm trying to
fight this m.f. deer this g** d**** dog shows up and starts fighting me
for the deer." It is at this point that the operarator gives him the
spill about calming down and asks if he needs or wants medical help
and/or animal control. In reply the man says, "No, I just want to know
who gets to keep the m.f. deer; me or the g** d**** dog!"

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