Talking about Money - A taboo?

Nils Zurawski (zurawsk@UNI-MUENSTER.DE)
Fri, 1 Dec 1995 20:26:33 +0100

In a class on indutsrial-sociology (I hope thats the right word) we were
talking about the different attitudes towards money that workers and other
emploees have.
I Germany workers are open in theta respect that they show their paycheck
to others and tell you frankly how muc they got.
Employees , i.e. people in offices are not doing this - i is a taboo that
you will find throughout German society: We don't talk about money.

The proffessor thought to remember that in the US this is differet, i.e. to
talk anbout money isn't a taboo among empoyees. He remembered to have heard
that at a time (60s, 70s) the salary was written next to the name on the
office door. he didn't know if this was true at all and asked me to check.

I woulkd be intered4sted in all aspects you can think about concerning this
issue, as this touches cultural anthropology as well

Thank you very much for your heklp.