Re: whither anthropology?

hjmartin (hatch@RICHMOND.INFI.NET)
Fri, 1 Dec 1995 14:24:17 -0500

Iain Davidson (University of New England, AUSTRALIA) wrote:

>>What I would like discuss is what the situation is on a national basis.
>It may occur to you to ask the list what is happening on an international
>list. The list users are not all in your country<snip>

OK. What is happening internationally?

I was not aware that the problems anthropology departments face in the US
are shared elsewhere. Are they? What is being done about them? How
debilitating are they? How are the students affected? Are anthropology
enrollments falling more quickly than might be expected from the number of
entering students? (Is the demographic decline among college-aged students
in the US a characteristic of other populations?) How hostile are
administrations - or are they sympathetic but helpless?

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