Re: hybridization experiments

Fiona Moore (al772@FREENET.CARLETON.CA)
Fri, 23 Dec 1994 18:27:23 -0500

>For a work in progress, I would be interested in knowing of any documented
>attempts to crossbreed two species of great apes or other higher primates.
> Also, I would be very interested in anecdotes, rumors, apocrypha etc
>concerning attempts to interbreed humans and great apes. Thanks, James

I heard a story from a friend of mine (and I don't know where he picked it
up) that somebody had successfully impregnated female chimps with human
sperm, but that the foetuses had been deliberately aborted after the
experiment was seen to be successful. As he was not able to further
substantiate this story, I passed it off as a "suburban chicken strangling
story"; ie one of those silly stories that gets about. I'd be interested
in hearing if there's any truth to it.