Re: Restaurants

Fri, 23 Dec 1994 12:40:44 -0700

I was thinking about this thread as I attended to an overwhelming holiday
dinner rush at the restaurant where I "pick up shifts" and have been, on
and off, since before grad school (I'm now writing up the diss.).

Surely the best ethnography of restaurants could be a collection written
by those of us who have used them to subsidize our educations (not to
mention to provide human interaction, breaking up long solitary hours of
paper and computer screens). My own contribution would elaborate my
analysis of gendered power plays in response to the simple question: "Is
anyone interested in dessert?" Some ground rules:
1) Don't direct the question to the thinnest or the plumpest female, as
all others will be forced to follow suit;
2) Feminist awareness of women is directly in inverse proportion to the
response, "I'll just have a bite of yours";
3) A typology of "chocolate people" vs. "caramel people" vs "fruit
people" offers tremendous interpretive potential;

Etc. Etc. Find us a publisher and I'll go on.
Sarah Hautzinger
Johns Hopkins/U. of Denver