gear/drugs to take

Marsha Quinlan (C633902@MIZZOU1.MISSOURI.EDU)
Thu, 22 Dec 1994 15:23:16 CST

I wanted to publicly thank Charles Robinson for his helpful list of Amazon fi
eld gear. It seems like a good thing for us tropical workers to keep around fo
r packing reference. I have just a few contributions here...

1) Powder, despite the room it takes up is very light and offers much comfort
on those sticky mornings when you have to get up and work, knowing that
you wont make it to the river/bathing spot until afternoon. Medicated powder h
elps protect against heat rash. And, athlete's foot powder helps protect again
st all those grody, perpetual threats of tropical fungi.

2) Polysporin, or other triple-anibiotic ointment.
3) Tylenol in an industrial-sized bottle - enough for our own aching heads and
muscles and enough to share generously. We found that there are few greater ra
pport-building tools than the ability to rid someone of a throbbing head or
tooth ache.
4) Charles recommended 6 T-shirts, but we found that thin, standard button-up
shirts/blouses dry much faster. You can dry them between rain showers and they
don't get that funky moldy smell. Madras works the best, and is least stiff
and uncomfy after line drying,but it wears quickly when washed on river stones.
5) Pack Towels (name brand) are big synthetic chamois-like towel that you can b
uy in camping stores. They don't soak up water like terry-cloth but they work,
they're light, and you can ring them 95% dry. Again, no moldy stench.
6) Adidas, and Teva, for more $, make sneaker/sandle hybrids. They are a mostl
y mesh sneaker with decent tred. Mark Flinn had the Adidas in Dominica and
sang their praises.

Can any of you visually impaired anthros advise me on a solution, short of corr
ective surgery? Disposable contacts worked well, but I seemed to run through t
hem so quickly, and sterile hands, cutting off the wind but maintaining enough
light to see the little transparent things was also a problem. Does anyone kno
w of indestructible, fog-free glasses?