Re: field gear -Reply

Kathleen Adams (KADAMS@WPO.IT.LUC.EDU)
Wed, 21 Dec 1994 12:25:43 -0600

I think doing a volume on field gear is a terrific idea. As a grad
student leaving for the field in the mid-80s I would have loved a
manual on this topic. I spent the week before my departure
questioning my committee members about what "esentials" to take to
the field. I had envisioned being refered to new versions of Notes &
Queries--instead answers included "Take plenty of detective novels
and lots of vacations." These answers proved far more valuable for
maintaining my sanity and good cheer in the field. I ended up taking
works by Dostoyevsky and Dickens, as well as my childhood copy of
"Goodnight Moon" (which was as comforting as warm milk and broke the
ice with the children in the village). Of course I balanced all of
this with Pelto and Pelto's volume...

-Kathleen Adams
Loyola Univ. of Chicago