Re: human rights, one more time

Nancie Gonzalez (Gonzalz@AOL.COM)
Wed, 21 Dec 1994 13:07:28 -0500

As a newcomer to this list, I haven't followed the whole discussion, but was
intrigued by some of the comments re: individualism. A year or so ago, while
a fellow at the United States Institute of Peace, I did extensive research on
this concept. Taking off from Alan MacFarlane's The Origins of English
Individualism (controversial,. but very very provocative), I traced it back
to the Indus Valley civilization. If anyone is interested in such, I will be
glad to continue the conversation and biblio. MacFarlane, by the way,
believes the industrial revolution was more a product of previously existing
individualism in England than the other way around. Nancie Gonzalez