Centro de Estudios Regionales TJA (cerdet@UAJMS.BO)
Mon, 19 Dec 1994 11:36:43 PST

Centro de Estudios Regionales Tarija
Hello everyone,

Can anyone give me help locating these resources? (and
ideas about how I can get them to Bolivia):

1. Brochoada, Jose Proenza
An ecological model of the spread of pottery and agriculture
into Eastern South America. Doctoral Thesis, University of

2. Duguid, J.
Green Hell, A Chronicle of Travel in the Forests of Eastern

Thanks to all of you who sent information on sports and
anthropology resources. It has been a big help. I will get
back to some of you, but after vacation. I have less than 48
hrs. to produce a preliminary report on my latest project, so
sports is taking a back seat for a few days. Thanks again.