Bruce Jones (bjones@WEBER.UCSD.EDU)
Fri, 16 Dec 1994 15:14:50 -0800

There have been a few messages floating around about how, if
you send email to santa@various.places a donation will be sent to
a charity by Sun computers.

This is not true. And, in the interests of putting a stop to the
rumor, I forward the following:

>From: Barry Orton <>
Date: Thu, 15 Dec 1994 15:38:21 -0600
Subject: Don't send Christmas Spam!!!

Vigdor Schribman wrote:

>Sun Microsystems is donating $0.10 to a food bank each time an Internet
>user sends an email msg to any (or all) of the three addresses below:


This is not fact. Disregard Vigdor's last post! The New York Times had a
piece on this today...e-mail does not work, just WWW hits. I visited the
site this afternoon; it is still running, but asks that you DO NOT send
e-mail to trigger these contributions. Please chase down any copies of
this message you see and neutralize them.

The truth is that if you use your WWW client to access, and you visit the web pages
thereunder for various non-profit organizations, then each time you do
some small amount of money will be sent from a particular sponsor to
that particular organization (sponsors are listed).

Please don't spam Santa. Please don't melt IMS. They are good people
and they don't deserve it.

(Thanks to Scott (SWB1@CORNELL.EDU ) for the first alert to TELECOMREG.)

Barry Orton