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Subject: Short-Term Travel Grants
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Topics: Humanities; Social and Behavioral Sciences

Types: Travel; International; Collaborative

Agency: International Research and Exchanges

Next Deadline: FEB 01, 1995

A limited number of travel grants are available for
humanists and social scientists who have received a
formal invitation from an appropriate institution in
Eurasia, Mongolia, or Central and Eastern Europe, such
as an academy of science or one of its institutions.
Grants support travel costs for short-term visits
for lecturing and/or consultation only; they do not
support travel to conferences (unless topic is an
East-West issue) or individual research.
Applications must be received on or before deadlines

CFDA Number: N/A

Contact: Lisa M. Lemair, Program Officer
International Research and Exchanges
1616 H Street, NW
Washington, DC 20006