Re: gear

Barbara Tsatsoulis-Bonnekessen (BARBARA@KUHUB.CC.UKANS.EDU)
Thu, 15 Dec 1994 18:49:28 -0600

I could not resist after reading the complaint about earplug
1.) YES! EARPLUGS is a MUST! Neighbors of mine in Costa Rica had
a burglar alarm that tended to go off when nobody was home (and
nobody was trying to break in, either). One night it went on
for over five hours - I would have given anything for earplugs!

2.) Toilettpaper! Don't smirk about this - Costa Rica, for one, has
a national shortage of above mentioned necessity.

3.) ziplock bags: if you are taking anything electronical (typewriter,
tape player, camera) and plan to be on the road a lot, the dust will
get into anything not protected airtight.

4.) MCI (or whatever phone company) card:makes it a lot easier to talk to
the folks back home (or whine to your advisor/mentor/cat sitter)

5.) photographs, photographs, photographs: people like to have at least
a mental picture of this stranger in her/his family environment. Makes
you seem more like a real person!

BTW: if any other German citizens are lurking on this list = the
German embassy will not help you with anything (as if you wouldn't
know this).

There's more, but the list was restricted to five. And it all depends
on how far away you will be from the nearest pulperia or such.

Barbara Tsatsoulis-Bonnekessen
Dept. of Sociology & Anthropology
Washburn University