Re: Being "ethnicized"

Harriet Whitehead (whitehea@WSUAIX.CSC.WSU.EDU)
Thu, 15 Dec 1994 07:33:15 -31802

Cliff Sloane asks - re my story about the skinned chicken breasts -
whether four years later my own grocery shopping habits have changed (or
remain changed) as a result of this insight. Good Question, Cliff!

Those habits converted back. After gaining 18 lb in the first year back,
I took to skinning my own chicken breasts. Hey, what can I say?

The most enduring psychological mark left by my New Guinea experience is
the perception of Americans as stingy and distrustful and a limited but
sincere attempt on my part to (a) be less so myself, and (b) communicate
this insight to others.

Harriet Whitehead
Anthro, WSU