Re: Field Gear

Thu, 15 Dec 1994 09:13:45 CST

On Wed, 14 Dec 1994 18:01:56 -0900 Tree Ring Circus said:
> My nominations for Top Five Pieces of Field Gear
>for Alaska:
> 1. Mosquito Net
> 2. Bear Bell
> 3. Shotgun (with front sight filed off)
> 4. Gum boots
> 5. Ear plugs

Ear plugs! Yes! The last time I was in the field I lived cheek-by-
jowl with a herd of goats, and ear plugs saved my sanity. If you're
going to be living among livestock, take several pairs because they
do get dirty. Get the foamy kind, not the sticky ones intended for
swimmers. They're also good for the plane flights to and from the
field, as is an eyeshade.