Re: anthro careers/niu/'open jobs'

William M. Loker (wloker@RA.MSSTATE.EDU)
Wed, 14 Dec 1994 14:44:36 -0600

In the "to Market" thread,
Dwight Read raises the issue of hiring folks who reallly don't fit the
terms of reference of an announced academic position. I would like to
point out that the AAUP in its Report on "The Ethics of Recruitment and
Faculty Appointments" (Academe, March-April 1993) considers this to be an
unethical practice: "The institution's decision about which candidate
will be offered the position should be consistent with the criteria for
the position and the duties as stated in the announcement of the
vacancy. If the selection of final candidates will be based on
significant changes in the criteria for the position or its duties as
stated in the original announcement, the institution should start anew

In other words, its unethical to diverge significantly from the stated
terms of employment when selecting the final candidates. I know we are
being "realistic" and "cynical" about the hiring process in this thread
and that therefore bringing up ethical issues will seem "unrealistic" if
not "idealistic" -- but hey, its nice to know that some standards exist.

Of course, job announcements such as NIU's finesse this quesiton nicely
by listing no particular areas of expertise!

Bill Loker