Re: applied anthropology

Cheryl Williams (cwilliam@LUNA.CAS.USF.EDU)
Wed, 14 Dec 1994 10:48:48 -0500

>From an undergraduate perspective, applied anthropology seems to cover a
very wide realm of options. However, I thought the options were available
based on graduate experience. I intend to continue in this field. But,
you brought up an interesting point. The course in applied anthropology
is not a mandatory course at my institution... and it should be, I think.
What can be done to change the aim/focus of course requirements for us?
Also, what are these decent jobs you're talking about for a person with
a BA in anthropology... relating to the field of course.

Cheryl Williams
University of South Florida
Tampa, FL

On Tue, 13 Dec 1994, James M. Wallace wrote:

> My impression has been that applied anthropologists are more
> versatile and more sought after than anthropologists in the
> international development field, esp. if they also have quantitative
> skills. This whole discussion seeems rather out-of-date since most of
> what has been said has already been said a long time ago by applied
> anthropologists. I am glad some non-applied colleagues are finally
> finding out.
> My biggest complaint of our non-applied colleagues is why they think
> preparing a student to be a professor of anthropology is their most
> important training assignmment. The world is a much larger place than
> just where universities are located.
> The problem starts at the undergraduate level, because in many
> institutions anthropology professors do not think that there are any
> decent jobs for a person with a B.A. in Anthropology. Life does not
> begin at the M.A. ! Let's give students a broad introductory exposure
> to applied anthropology at the beginning of their undergraduate
> training. Perhaps an applied anthropology course should be one of the
> first courses taught rather than one of the last courses in the
> curriculum.
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