applied anthro at Fl

Kathi Kitner-Salazar (KITNER@LAW.UFL.EDU)
Wed, 14 Dec 1994 09:01:04 EST

This is to Amanda and anybody else interested:

The U of Florida in Gainesville used to rather pride itself on being
an applied program, and actually it still is. Most of our profs are
highly committed to doing applied work both in the US and outside,
particularly in Latin America. the other high point of studying here
at UF is that the anthro department is VERY interdisciplinary. As UF
is such a large research university, the possibilities of research
and WORK are equally big.

Obviously, I'm recommending it. I'm at the diss writing stage, and
hope eventually to teach, 'cause I love teaching. But I've been in
and out of school doing applied work, and it only helped me, not a
hindrance at all.

You can call the anthro dept at (904) 392-2031. Ask for Pat or Karen
and they'll take care of you.

Good luck.