Topic: What is Cyberculture?

Sun, 11 Dec 1994 20:26:00 PST

Fellow Anthro-Lers:

I am going to try out an experiment in using the subscribers to this list as
my informants. I will begin with a topic without any indication of what might
be meant; instead, I want to get responses from you, my informants, guided
only by your reaction to this topic. I anticipate that once I begin getting
responses, I will ask questions in order to obtain further information and
clarification. I anticipate that my questions will be sent directly to the
respondant rather than to Anthro-L. Afer the experiment has ended (around the
end of January) I will post to the list what I have found out.

The topic is: What is cyberculture?

Send your responses to me at READ@ANTHRO.SSCNET.UCLA.EDU (Depending on when I
get a response, my questions may be delayed a bit as I will not have access to
Anthro-L between Dec 14 and January 1).

Dwight Read