Career Paths

Warren Sproule (Warren.Sproule@SOCIOL.UTAS.EDU.AU)
Mon, 12 Dec 1994 10:16:14 +0200

This is indeed an interesting thread: Everything said so far tallies with
my own experiences in and responses to the current state of play in
academia, and I'd be interested in seeing more on this - particularly in
terms of how others deal with overheated "publish or perish" demands (quan
vs qual) and bureaucratic praxis generally. That said, and with all due
respect to Mike Salovesh, I'm with Allan Hanson on this one (12/10) in
terms of the dangers of relaying such misgivings to prospective students at
the outset. Might they not be justified in questioning why, in the
situation as described, we choose to stay in, submit to and *profit by*
what we describe as an iniquitous professional situation? On the whole, my
feeling is that any social scientific discipline/academic department
fortunate enough to include Mike Salovesh amongst its practitioners is not
as gloomy, cynical or infuriating as it's cracked up to be...Mike seems to
be his own best argument against the pessimism inherent in his diagnosis.