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Sun, 11 Dec 1994 12:51:00 PST

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Subject: reply to querry about primate language film.
From: "ANNE ZELLER" <>
Date: Fri, 09 Dec 1994 16:27:13 EST

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I personally use the second half of a film on evolution of Homo erectus called
Beyond Africa. narrated by Richard Leakey. It is a BBC film, made in 1981, but
has some comparative material distinguishing between communication and
language, some info on signing with a demonstration by Moja and discussion by
Roger Fouts. If the person is interested in culture, this part of the film
comes right after a discussion of Terra Amata, which is an early site in
France, which is complex enough to suggest a need for serious language to
and use. The part where I usually start if I'm just using it for language is
the termite mounds. The other possiblity is uncut rough footage from Sue
Savage-Rumbaugh called Ape Language: from conditioned response to symbol,
showing Sherman and Austin using language cooperatively, and Kanzi the bonobo
who is becoming famous. This would need a lot of preparation to use with an
unsophisticated class, and is meant to be used in conjunction with the book of
the same name. Hope this all helps.