Archaeology of southern San DIego & Northern Baja

Nathan Craig (nathanmc@CRL.COM)
Sat, 10 Dec 1994 19:31:12 -0800

> Dear members of the Anthro-L mailing list:
> I am currently working on a display for El Proyecto del Museo de
> Historia de Ensanada. I have been asked by the staff of the museum
> project to provide a brief culture history of the region. I have reviewed
> the works of Leylander and Warren but I am interested in hearing the
> prospective of others who have worked in the region, and who know the
> archaeology of southern San Diego.
> Of particular interest to me is the interaction between the Final
> Early Archaic Period, represented by the La Jolla III assemblage, and the
> Late Prehistoric, represented by the Yuman culture complex. I have
> encountered conflicting dates for the end (by what ever process) of the La
> Jolla complex and the beginning of the Yuman.
> Any help would be appreciated. Since this display will go into a
> museum in Ensanada and will be many peoples first encounter with the
> culture history of their region, I would like to represent the culture
> history as a "conversation" constructed by archaeologists rather than a
> scientific "truth" that is etched in stone. Please feel free to email me
> directly with relevant input. I am at
> thank you very much
> Nathan Criag