Career Paths

Sat, 10 Dec 1994 19:55:41 EST

and hiring in anthropology. I had already sent a message to Susan Sumner
with many of the same sentiments that Mike expressed in *Heading to Market*.
I'm not sure why Mike expects to be flamed; he's not being cynical, he's
just reporting on the nuts and bolts of academic hiring practices (though
omitting anything on how affirmative action affects these practices).
The practices devolve from demographic, economic and political pressures
that we can at least recognize though we can do little to control or even
mitigate them. I assume that most or all of us in *senior* positions
realize how much we benefitted from the favorable demographic, etc.
pressures that were operating when we first entered the job market. This
is not to say that we shouldn't read applicants' or up-for-promotion
colleagues' work seriously, but just that the effort expended may not
have much impact.
Denise O'Brien