Psychotic archaeologists

Fri, 9 Dec 1994 01:20:21 +0000

I am afraid I don't know from Hume, but it does sound to me that based on
his remarks, he is clearly sexist. This is a flaw, but I don't consider it
to necessarily cause him to fail to be "sane or rational." Neither does his
belief in the efficacy of dowsing.

The gentleman who claimed to be able to dowse graves and failed to do so
clearly does not know how to dowse. If the dowsing talent exists, it is not
necessarily universal; neither is the ability to roll ones' tongue into a
U. That there are liars who claim to be able to dowse should not surprise
anybody. After all, plenty of people lie about their ability to read,
drive, or practice medicine. That does not mean such talents do not exist.

I don't see dowsing to be in the realm of "magic" or the "psychic" realm,
IF it exists, and as a Fortean zetetic I make no claims as to whether it
does or not. Nonetheless, I see no reason why such a talent CANNOT be,
since IF it existed, it MIGHT have something to do with latent
electromagnetic senses in human beings that can sense extremely minute
variation in the Earth's magnetic field caused by the presence of moving
water or other materials. That's of course, IF it existed.

As for me, I've not been able to dowse, but then, I can't practice medicine
(besides applying bandaids) either.


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