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>>Gender and Sexuality
>>in Modern Thailand
>>International Conference
>>11-12 July 1995
>>Australian National University, Canberra
>>Call for Papers
>>First Conference Announcement
>>Prompted by socio-economic development, rapidly changing social attitudes
>>and medical challenges such as the AIDS pandemic, studies of gender and
>>sexuality are among the most rapidly expanding areas of academic inquiry
>>and social research about Thailand and are at the leading edge of Thai
>>studies research in such diverse fields as anthropology, sociology,
>>history, cultural and literary studies, geography, demography and
>>The Conference will provide an opportunity for researchers working across
>>the range of academic disciplines to discuss issues of common interest in
>>the study of gender and sexuality in Thailand, and promote
>>interdisciplinary research in these fields by encouraging cooperation
>>between scholars and community workers from Australia, North America,
>>Europe and Thailand. Likely Conference panels may include: Gender and
>>Development, including Women's Access to Social and Economic Resources;
>>Representations of Gender in Thai Literature, Press and Media; Thai Sexual
>>Subcultures, including Same-sex and Transgender Issues; Culturally
>>Appropriate HIV/AIDS Education Programs; The Gendering of Knowledges About
>>Thailand. Other panels are also possible.
>>Submission of Papers
>>Persons interested in presenting a paper at the Conference should inform
>>the organisers of their topic by 18 February 1995. Paper abstracts
>>(300-400 words) should be submitted by 28 April 1995. To register interest
>>in presenting a paper contact Dr Peter Jackson.
>>Registration Fees
>>Full rate for those in full-time employment: AUD 50.00.
>>Student/concessional rate: AUD 25.00.
>>Conference Organisation
>>The Conference co-convenors are:
>>* Dr Peter Jackson, Dept. Pacific and Asian History, RSPAS, ANU,
>>* Dr Nerida Cook, Department of Sociology, University of Tasmania,
>>To be included on the mailing list for future Conference announcements and
>>registration forms please contact:
>>Dr Peter Jackson, Department of Pacific and Asian History, RSPAS, ANU ACT
>>0200 Australia. Ph. (06) 249 2925 (until 31 Dec. 1994). Ph. (06) 249 3142
>>(after 1 Jan. 1995). Fax. (06) 249 5525. (ISD Prefix: 61 6). Email:
>>This conference is being organised in coordination with the international
>>conference: "Medicine and Sexuality: Bodies, Practices, Knowledges",
>>University of Melbourne, 6-9 July 1995. Contact: Dr Paul Komesaroff, Baker
>>Medical Research Institute, PO Box 348 Prahran Vic. 3181 Australia. Ph.
>>(03) 522 4333. Fax. (03) 521 1362. Email:
>>Dr Peter Jackson
>>Executive Officer
>>National Thai Studies Centre
>>ANU ACT 0200
>>Ph. (61) 6 249 2925
>>Fax (61) 6 249 0745
>Nerida Cook
>Sociology Department
>University of Tasmania Phone: (002) 20 2914
>GPO Box 252C Fax: (002) 20 2279
>Hobart Tasmania 7001 E-mail:


Nerida Cook
Sociology Department
University of Tasmania Phone: (002) 20 2914
GPO Box 252C Fax: (002) 20 2279
Hobart Tasmania 7001 E-mail: